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LimsDX is an innovative Laboratory Information System for accessioning and reporting Clinical Laboratory results. In one fully integrated, customizable LIS, you can:

  • Manage the complex workflow of a Clinical Laboratory from sample receipt to final reporting and billing.
  • Provide your external clients with a single Web-Enabled Portal to order, track and access all of their case information, and clinical test reports.
  • Equip your laboratory with a suite of powerful analysis tools to organize assay runs, track samples, analyze data and report results.
  • Provide office staff, technicians, and administrators with the tools they need to be more productive.

Designed and developed to improve workflow, increase efficiencies, and facilitate EMR access, LIMSDx functions seamlessly in this environment without compromise or work-arounds. An open architecture, and API ensures that this LIS platform can be customized specifically to maximize the efficiency of your laboratory’s workflow.

LIMSDx ‘At-a-Glance’

  • HTML5 Web based interface. No software to install.
  • Android and iPad enabled.
  • Secure HTTPS encryption, and database encryption.
  • Complete Audit Trail: LimsDx provides a secure, time-stamped audit trail exceeding 21 CFR part 11 requirements, capturing the identity of anyone who creates or modifies an electronic record, when the action occurred, and the changes made.
  • Powerful user management security tools provide granular management to all LIMS functions.
  • Easily create custom Tests from the web based interface. Simple and convenient creation of custom data fields. Ability to import files and images into a test.
  • Create professional, informative reports using the integrated “Drag and Drop” Report Builder.
  • Minimize administration and maintenance costs. System server will run on linux or windows.
  • Perform simple, automatic QA/QC analysis using sophisticated data management tools


Experience The Benefits Of The World’s Most Intuitive Document Control Software System.
DocControl automates electronic document management processes in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • Simple and Intuitive Interface:HTML5 based, no software to install. Drag and drop interfaces, and simple linear workflows to streamline the approval process.
  • Highly Accessible: Android and iPad enabled.
  • Revision Control: DocControl provides automatic document control for revisions to ensure that only the current version of a standard operating procedure (SOP) is available.
  • Complete Audit Trail: DocControl provides a secure, time-stamped audit trail exceeding 21 CFR part 11 requirements. DocControl provides software for document control that captures the identity of anyone who creates or modifies an electronic record, when the action occurred, and the changes made.
  • Advanced Tracking: DocControl’s electronic system for document control and management tracks both a documents revision history, in addition to a documents current draft revision state. The revision or approval history of electronic documents can also be reviewed using the history feature.
  • Electronic Sign-offs: With the DocControl system for document control, electronic documents can be signed and approved in an automated fashion. Electronic signature manifestation, which includes the person’s name, date, time, and the meaning of electronic signature, can be appended automatically to each document.
  • Automated Approval Process: Approvals have never been easier. Assign an approver, point and click!
  • Easy to Search: A standardized Browser-like search window is available throughout the application for document control and management, which means all authorized users throughout the organization can search for any document using a familiar search interface.

Custom Software Development

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