Clinical Laboratory Services

For companies in need of clinical laboratory services, ResearchDx offers CLIA certified, CAP accredited high-complexity esoteric testing through its subsidiary, PacificDx. We offer our partners a full complement of cytogenetics, FISH, molecular, and specialty services:


Key services include banking, whole genome amplification, cryopreservation, fail-safe storage of cell lines, DNA, and preparation of buffy coats (peripheral blood mononuclear cells).

DNA-ExtractionNucleic Acid Extractions

Nucleic acid extractions from all templates, including blood, bone marrow, FFPE tissues, Fresh Frozen tissues, and assorted archival materials.  Extractions are performed using several different methodologies including silica based spin columns, magnetic based beads, and organic solvents.

Microscope_GirlCell Culture

Key services include establishment of cell lines growth of cell lines for isolation of nucleic acids and proteins, EBV-transformation of lymphocytes, primary fibroblasts, and differentiated cell lines.


Key services include karyotype analysis, FISH analysis, and cytogenetic techniques including copy number variation and loss of heterozygosity.


ResearchDx offers a full array of propriety and commercially available probes.  We can even custom design and manufacture a probe to your specifications. Key services include copy number variation and loss of heterozygosity. FISH can be performed off Blood, bone marrow and Tissue. Custom FISH probe services are available.

QPCRGenotyping, Microarray and QPCR based diagnostics

Key services include Q-PCR, and expression profiling, genome-wide genotyping, copy number variation analysis, and snp array analysis.

nextgenNext Generation Sequencing

Key services of Next-Generation Sequencing include Commercial and Custom panels, Exome, RNA-Seq performed on Illumina or Ion-Torrent sequencers. NGS sequencing from difficult templates including FFPE tissue is a specialty.

DNA-MethylationDNA Methylation

Key services include CpG island analysis, and genome wide methylation studies. PCR or NGS based analysis is available.

Bioinformatic_analysisData and Bioinformatic Analysis

Services range from data QC and basic statistics to advanced approaches such as network and pathway based analysis, clustering techniques and data mining/integration methods.